Camsoda Halloween Costumes

Oct 18, 2017

CamSoda Launches XXX Halloween-ie costume line exclusively for the penis With Halloween fast-approaching, CamSoda is offering an alternative to the traditional costume and launching an exclusive line of XXX adult costumes…exclusively for the penis. Now, even guys who are ‘too cool’ or bashful to dress up for the holiday will ...


Camsoda Language Lessons v2.0

Oct 4, 2017

Today, CamSoda, announced the launch of “Language Lessons,” a language learning program featuring successful, entrepreneurial cam models as personal tutors schooling users in an assortment of languages...


Secure Login with Your Penis

Jul 13, 2017

CamSoda, a leading adult entertainment webcam platform, announced today it will launch Dick-ometrics, the latest innovation in biometric security, which uses penises for secure account access. The first iteration of Dick-ometrics, which rolls out today, enables CamSoda members to use pictures of their penises instead of a password to log in to their accounts on the site. Using proprietary Penis Recognition Tech or PRT, CamSoda is able to match that photograph with a previously supplied one, and verify the user.


CamSoda’s Launches LifeStream

Jun 8, 2017

Today, CamSoda, a leading adult entertainment webcam platform, announced the launch of “LifeStream,”a program that allows people to broadcast their candid lives – not necessarily sexual -- and to be compensated for it. CamSoda is the first adult entertainment company to officially enter into the live streaming craze made popular by Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat.


Shark Attacks Cam Model While Testing Mobile Broadcaster

May 2, 2017

First pioneered with POV guy Camsoda has been working on a mobile hardware solution that allows models to broadcast from anywhere in the world. The custom built hardware was recently upgraded to support go-pro cameras and underwater live feeds. In Camsoda’s first live underwater broadcast attempt, Molly Cavalli jumped into a shark cage off the coast of Florida.


Flight Attendant Masturbates On Airplane Wifi

April 20, 2017

We just had to share this. An Unknown flight attendant uses in-flight wifi to cam on camsoda! This is a sfw youtube edit. Her username on camsoda is milehighclub. Although we are not certain of which airline or if she was fired for doing this, we appreciate her choosing us to stream this video. Hopefully we can see her again from 35,000 feet in the air.


Camsoda Launches Language Lessons

April 19, 2017

Today, CamSoda, a leading adult entertainment webcam platform, unveiled Language Lessons, the first adult language-learning service that combines beautiful cam models with the latest translation technologies to make learning a foreign language fun. Now, in addition to camming with their favorite model in a private chatroom, fans can engage in casual conversation with them, learning an assortment of languages including Spanish, French, Romanian and English...


Camsoda Launches O-Cast® - Give an Orgasm to any Woman Online

March 9, 2017

CamSoda, a leading free cam platform for live sex shows, today announced the launch of the O-Cast, a digital on-demand marketplace that offers a catalogue of simulated cunnilingus recordings, uploaded by pornstars, webcam models and amateurs that users can download directly onto their vibrator and experience firsthand. In celebration of Women’s History Month, each recording on the O-Cast landing page is free of charge through March 31...


CamSoda Announces BJ My Valentine - Send a Blowcast

Feb 13, 2017

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and, rather than sending generic chocolate assortments or flowers, CamSoda, a leading adult webcam platform, is announcing “B(J) My Valentine,” its newest initiative that allows fans to send customized virtual blowjobs to their loved one’s via email.


Ohroma - Smell your environment on Camsoda

January 18, 2017

Today, CamSoda announced its latest innovation to deliver smell to the virtual reality experience, providing fans with an assortment of aromas from which to choose while watching adult entertainment. Dubbed “OhRoma,” users wear a sensory mask, in addition to their VR headset, that features two canisters that contain three cartridge slots. Users can select an assortment of aromas to include in the cartridge slots including “private parts,” “body odor,” “fragrances,” “panties,” “aphrodisiacs,” ...


CamSoda Debuts “Holo-Cam” Allowing Users to Watch Live, Interactive Holographic Cam Shows via their Smartphones and Tablets

December 14, 2016

Today, CamSoda, a leading adult entertainment webcam platform, announced the debut of “Holo-Cam,” its new technology that bridges the gap between science fiction and mainstream consumer use by projecting live 3D holograms of cam models that overlays into users’ real-time environments through smartphones, tablets and inexpensive 3D hologram projectors...


Camsoda releases BlowCast

November 14, 2016

Camsoda today launched the first generation of it’s revolutionary Blowcast Store. The new Blowcast Store offers users an online blowjob store with an amateur and professional catalog. Blowjobs are available with full personal use rights and 99 cents blowjob pricing. With Blowjobs from the world’s most famous and seasoned veterans to deep throating amateurs and the girl next door. The catalog of virtual sex you can purchase for personal use is growing daily...